Research Reports

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To add your research report (brief description of your current research interests and recent work):

  1. sign in via the link in the upper-right corner
    • username: "ow2015"
    • password: last name (all lowercase) of the person who discovered matrix multiplication in time $n^{\mathrm{log}_2 7}$
  2. click on the edit button in the lower-right corner of this page.
  3. copy the sample entry (or any other) and edit it to write your report
  4. paste your edited entry in place of your name in the alphabetized list
  5. save the edited wiki

(Actually, we recommend that you copy the sample entry to an offline editor, exit the wiki editor while writing your report, and copy it back into the wiki after you are finished. Please do not keep the wiki page in edit mode for long, since you may lock other users from editing the text. )

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Goldwasser, Shafi

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Mehta, Ruta

Schnorr, Claus-Peter

Trevisan, Luca

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